AutoreDal Ferro Giuseppe
TitoloDibattito su religioni e verità
RivistaStudi ecumenici (+ Quaderni)
Campo TematicoInterreligiosità
Parole Chiave
Abstract The current debate on the theology of religions poses problems regarding the salvation of those who are not Christian and the centrality of Christ as the unique savior. This debate is now moved to the theme of the “truth” which to be such can only be so if unique. In this work, the Author takes into consideration the thought of diverse authors in the philosophical and theological fields. One speaks of the “weak thought” of theological relativism of the theocentristic pluralist and of the attempt to overcome the integralist's contra positions by means of a conception of “inclusive truth” from a philosophical point of view and of a “truth as a communional fact” from the theological point of view. Indications are present in the debate between the “meaning in oneself” and the “meaning for me”, on the “theme Lessing” and finally on the theologians of the “theology of diversity”. The work concludes with references to the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic thought in this regard.