AutoreSailer-Pfister Sonia
TitoloGeschlechtergerechtigkeit- interreligi?s gedacht! Ein blicke in einen christlich-islamischen Forschungsdiskurs
RivistaTheologie und Glaube
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract The following article deals with the Christians and Muslim understanding of revelation and of the scriptures and discusses the theological challenges, which are associated with these questions in the interreligious dialogue. It describes the struggle of the Islamic tradition to understanding of revelation and a hermeneutics of the Koran based on the approaches of Abu zaid, Omer Ozsoy and the reflections of the women of the Centre of Islamic Women Studies. These women put a special focus on a hermeneutics, dealing with issues of gender justice. This hermeneutics is also exemplifiedby the explanations of Asma Barlas. Following these theological considerations, some definitions of terms are given and an interreligious hermeneutics dealing with issues of gender justice is developed. This is the basis on which Bible and Koran texts are interpreted. The whole article is meant as a workshop report and raises a lot of questions, whereas many of them remain unanswered.