AutoreFédou Michel
TitoloLa théologie chrétienne et les religions du monde
RivistaRecherches de Science Religieuse
Campo TematicoInterreligiosità
Parole Chiave
Abstract To sum up two endeavours and, without any claim at dealing with the subject comprehensively, M. Fédou takes it up here from the following angle: given the situation of our times, what might have a good chance of making reflexions about fundamental and dogmatic theology concerning “Christianity and other religions” fruitful? Formulated in this way, this reasoning has at least two implications. On the one hand, in spite of the diversity of religions and their social, political or cultural contexts,there must still be room for a theological reflexion that does not limit itself to considering just one particular religion, but that takes the ensemble of religions into account. On the other hand, it behooves us to propose, not a “theology of religions”, but rather a theological reflexion on “Christianity and other religions”: this latter formulation suggests that the view Christians have of other religions could not be independent of their own confession of faith; it likewise focuses on the relations between Christianity and the various religions of the world.