AutoreColzani Gianni
TitoloLa Bibbia: parola di missione, parola per la missione
RivistaAd gentes
Campo TematicoInterculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract In this article, the Author aims to offer a panoramic overview of the meaning that the Bible has for Mission. To do this, he starts from the conviction, that is found in the history of Christian thought though in a minor role, that the Bible is a missionary book, and therefore originated in the missionary world and was written for the Mission. The Author arranges his presentation around three main points. In the first, he indicates the transition from the Pentecostal mission to the mission of the Church; he highlights the slow extinction of its eschatological tension, which is however still at work in the central role of witness, and sees in this the imposing of the reduction of the Gospel to history, and the centre-ground being taken by the Church. Mission thus loses itself in the Church. The second point is a reaction, in which the passage of the Church to Christ is stressed. The mission of Jesus is focussed around the Lordship of God, proclaimed in the presence of the Kingdom that identifies itself in Him. Mission is the proclamation of this event. Since Jesus himself appears to be its beginning and its final criterion, the behaviour of Jesus towards the Jews and the Gentiles assumes a new importance: it is the historical manner of being of mission. The third point analyses the way in which, in the reading of the Scriptures, the Church has taken up and put into practice these Gospel pointers. The author dwells on three ways of reading the text and the doctrines of the Bible: pastoral, popular, and critical-alternative.