AutoreColzani Gianni
TitoloPluralismo, relativismo e dialogo. L'universalismo di Cristo e il ruolo della Chiesa
RivistaEuntes docete
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract This article faces one of the most discussed today's questions, that of a salvific religious pluralism. The author analyses the Dominus-Iesus purpose and the theology it brings forward, as well do some Ratzinger, Hick and Costa's tests. He concludes recognizing the justness of giving up the modernist pluralist paradigm; the author is convinced that exists the possibility of a no modernist pluralism. So he takes as a guide the idea of a Universal Sacrament of Salvation Church; in its light he reads the counciliar and post-conciliar documents, discussing Rahner, Knitter and Costa's interpretation. His conclusion move in the frame of a self-consciousness of a Church called to coniugate salvatiob and truth, and they remind both the christian theology of religions which follows with good reason, and the dialogue between religions all the same.