AutoreKuhlmann Jürgen
TitoloÈ pensabile la pace tra le religioni?
RivistaStudia patavina
Campo TematicoInterreligiosità
Parole Chiave
Abstract This article is an attempt to think again about ecumenism starting from two experiences: globalisation and the movement of “Religions for the peace”. Not only through a series of symbols, images and metaphors, but also through stimulating reflections, the author offers a remarkable contribution to the overcoming of the dialectic fanaticism-relativism thanks to a model of peace between religions, which can be defined as “stereophonic”. Religious believers and non-believers are asked to have experience of this dialogue. In this dialogue and through it, it is possible not only to live, but also to distinguish the truths of each confessional or religious experience, without renouncing the harmony of the whole truth. For this purpose the author elaborates and proposes a “healing symbolism”, which is constituted by a series of biblical, patristic and partly new references: organs of one body, acts of one drama, stages of one story, instruments of one orchestra, colours of one light, letters of one alphabet, which have the purpose of making peace between religions “imaginable”.