AutoreVermander Benoit
TitoloSagesse et r?v?lation. R?flection th?ologique ? partir de la Chine
RivistaRevue Theologique de Louvain
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą e Interculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract On the basis of an encounter with ?Sino-theology?, the author attempts at recapturing: (a) the relationship between the concepts of Wisdom and Revelation as we may be able to grasp and express it today; (b) the nature and logic of Chinese wisdom ? and, by extension, of other expressions of the ?wisdom of nations? - in the light of a renewed hermeneutical approach. He suggests a number of paths whereby ?Wisdom? and ?Revelation? can be understood as open categories which acquire meaning and relevance only when reworked and understood anew. In parallel, Chinese wisdom, as an epistemological endeavour, is meant to foster a humanization process taking shape through a sense of quest, and of loss, with human senses being turned inwards. The detour through Chinese tradition allows us to better grasp the fact that ?Revelation? as thought category only makes sense when put in relationship with ?Wisdom?, the latter allowing for the Revelation to be received through a lived interpretation, the pattern of which it provides.