AutoreAndrevon  Th?r?se-Martine
TitoloLight for the nations and glory for Israel. Nostra aetate 4 as a program for the renewal of christology
RivistaNouvelle revue Theologique
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract The promulgation of Nostra aetate 4, altered profoundly the relation of the Church toward the Jewish people. But it also highlights new theological challenges. Among them Christology appears as a major discipline that must contribute to a Christian theology of Judaism. What significance does the Jewishness of Jesus have for the Christian of the 21st century? The article begins by analyzing the traces of Christology that can be found in the main magisterial texts dealing with the question of Jews and Judaism. The author then proposes some tracks for developing a Christology which is not built on the separation with Israel, but where Christ constitutes the link between Jews and Christians, the source of their connection, as well as of their disagreements.