AutorePerez Alvarez Angeles, Rebollo Jos? Avalos
TitoloEl Islam en la vida de la mujer a traves de los tiempos
Campo TematicoInterculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract The authors raise the problem of Muslim women throughout the centuries up until today, which is indeed a difficult task due to the diversity of the female population in Muslim countries along with their social status and the dominant policy in each of these countries, where nowadays there are still tribal and patriarchal families who coexist with modernized ones. Women from rural areas and women living in cities belong to very different realities. It could be said that in most countries both tradition and modernity live together. Even in such difficulty there comes out the new Muslim woman, the new model that started to come strongly into existence in the mid-XX century in Islamic countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Tunisia or Morocco, and even in more fundamentalist countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. The new women do not exactly adjust to the static and submissive image that has been attributed to them since Islamism appeared.