AutoreCastillo Guerra Jorge
TitoloTeolog?a de la migraci?n: movilidad humana y transformaciones teol?gicas
RivistaTheologica Xaveriana
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą e Interculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract This work analyzes the meaning of transformations in both the identity and the faith of migrants and asks about the impact of human mobility on Theology and the changes undergone by Theology when it grasps such phenomenon. This research is in? tended to provide an answer to these demands on the basis of an analysis of an intercultural and transnational approach to human mobility, as well as of the processes of both religion and identity related transformations. Likewise, it analyzes how both transformations give rise to an intercultural transformation of Theology, which has been named ?Theology of Migration".