AutoreP?rez Prieto Victorino
TitoloLa dimensi?n personal de Dios en di?logo entre Occidente y Oriente
RivistaTheologica Xaveriana
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą e Interculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract Based on the experience of a personal God, the intention is to reflect on the idea that the personal character of God does not exhaust the divine reality as expressly stated in the history of mankind and in Christianism. In this way, a dialogue is intended with the personalist theology of K. Rahner, E. Schillebeeckx, G. Greshake, X. Pikaza, and A. Torres Queiruga from the perspective of what is personal and beyond what is personal. It also brings into the debate authors as P. Tillich and R. Panikkar, along with Hindu and Buddhist perspective.