AutoreMoukarzel Joseph
TitoloRaymond Lulle en arabe
RivistaStudia lulliana
Campo TematicoInterreligiositā
Parole Chiave
Abstract This article aims to present a previously unpublished Arabic translation of two works by Ramon Llull: the Disputatio quinque hominum sapientum and the Peticiķ de Ramon al papa Celestí V per la conversiķ dels infidels. The translator of these works is Ibn al-Qilā'ī († ca 1516), a Franciscan of Lebanese Maronite origin who was one of the pioneers in the transmission of medieval Christian culture into Arabic. Nevertheless, the language used by the translator is not literary Arabic, but the Lebanese dialect of the period written in Syriac letters (known as Garshuni), as was customary among maronites of that time. If Llull's works are presented as a model of dialogue, based on arguments of reason, among Christians themselves and with Muslims of the 13th century, the work of Ibn al-Qilā'ī could be seen as a reprise and actualization of this dialogue in the context of the Near East of the 15th century.