AutoreCorsi Alessandro
TitoloSulle condizioni del dialogo interreligioso.Dal punto di vista antropologico.Sulle condizioni di possibilitą del dialogo interreligioso
RivistaEuntes docete
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract The main issues of the present article is to state what could be at least the conditions of possibility of the dialogue between different religions. In particular the Author says that it is not useful to state in advance a propedeutical definition of a common language, before the dialogue actually begins, as it has been made in the modern thougt, for instance the concept of reason in Locke or Kant. On the contrary, the common language must be found during the effectivity of the dialogue itself. Every anthropological point of view has in itself a theology that is necessary to deal with. Anyway there are some common experiences, that are typical of the Human condition in general, that can be useful as a common starting point in order to make the dialogue between different religions possible.