AutoreCapantini Laura
TitoloSul dialogo interculturale e interreligioso.Contributi dalla psicologia culturale e dalle neuroscienze
RivistaEuntes docete
Campo TematicoInterculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract What allows people of different culture to talk to each other, trying to deeply understand, not only about the meaning of words, talks and thoughts, but even feelings and emotions? The paper offers some contributions to answer the question, dealing with the difficulties and conditions of possibility of dialog. It assumes talking as a special way of meeting people, coming from very diverse worlds, and building together meaningful and significant experiences, especially when they pretend to talk about the more significant matters of their lives, as faith and religion. It collects contributions from Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psycology, Infant Research and the more recent researches and discoveries from Neurosciences, to clarify, in some way, as both differences and needs of being together in an inter-subjective way, are based in neuronal-circuits of our brain.