AutoreSuchart Setthamalinee
TitoloThe Construction of Collective Identity of Muslims in America after September 11, 2001
RivistaPrajna Vihara
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą e Interculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract In this paper I attempt to analyze the construction of collective identity of Muslims in America since September 11th to answer two questions. How have the American Muslim movements emerged and developed after September 11? How do they construct their identities as Muslims in America? I will demonstrate the dynamic and linkages between the framing and constructing of collective identity of Muslims in America at three levels: public discourse; persuasive communication; and negotiations and consciousness raising during episodes of collective action. I will show how, for the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the America, the Internet and Friday sermons have become the major channels for constructing their collective identity, politics, and movements.