AutoreKim Agnes
TitoloLes ?nonc?s dogmatiques dans le contexte interculturel
RivistaRecherches de Science Religieuse
Campo TematicoInterculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract In face of the theological approach that begins with existing dogmatic concepts, E.Schillebeeckx, in reversing the approach from the deductive to the inductive, develops a theology based on a hermeneutics of experience and praxis. Thus he approaches the question of the actualization of the faith by showing the dialectical relationship between the tradition of faith and the context in which believers live. Putting herself in the Asian cultural context, Agn?s Kim reminds us it is a sphere of interpretation that has been fashioned quite differently from the one experienced by Christianity in the past. But this Asian context is also being modified by new experiences that criticize acquired experience as a whole. Twofold existential contexts thus dominate her approach, leading her to raise the question of dogmatic statements while situating the question in these contexts, which are somewhat discontinuous in relation to the former one and which she considers to be paradigms of the intercultural context.