AutoreZannini Francesco
TitoloLa Nostra aetate e le relazioni islamo-cristiane in Pakistan e Bangladesh
RivistaAd gentes
Campo TematicoInterreligiosità
Parole Chiave
Abstract Having noted that the declaration Nostra Aetate found soil that was ready for the development of inter-religious dialogue in an area where the coexistence of different religions was already an established fact – despite moments of sharp conflict – the Author examines the Islamo-Christian dialogue activities in Pakistan, a Moslem republic in which the Church “is often forced to take on the aspect of a Church in diaspora”, and in Bangladesh, where Islam was imposed as the state religion only in 1988, and where Shariah has never become law. In both countries Christians are a small minority, but they offer numerous services of human and social promotion, health assistance and charitable work, educational and cultural commitments. In this field in particular a “life dialogue” with Moslems has grown, but there is no lack of initiatives for dialogue that is strictly religious and theological. In Bangladesh the Moslems, formed through the centuries in the typical Bengali culture of sahaja, are ready to defend their cultural patrimony even from the imposition of any so-called “Islamic culture” that comes from outside, whether from Arab or Pakistani sources.