AutoreCanobbio  Giacomo
TitoloUna lettura teologica delle esperienze di dialogo interreligioso
RivistaAd gentes
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract Examining the experiences of inter-religious dialogue published in this issue of ?Ad Gentes?, the Author dwells on the recurring terms of dialogue and prayer. In connection with dialogue, he points out that the interlocutors must be aware of their own common humanity and religious quest, as well as the differences of their own tradition, which is always received: a self-created tradition would only represent its creator and the dialogue would no longer be of an inter-religious nature. In the "dialogue of life", if the emphasis on the common journeys of justice, environment and peace puts the differences between brackets, it risks reducing faith to a universal moral code without any specific foundation. Regarding prayer, the Author questions the fact that members of different religions use the same formulae and share the same rites. Because in prayer we do not only turn to an undefined Mystery, but to a God who, taking the example of Christianity, has the Face of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.