AutoreAleaz K. P.
TitoloPaul F. Knitter?s Proposal for Relational Uniqueness of Jesus
RivistaVidyajyoti journal of theological reflection
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract In this paper the a. sums up clearly the theses of Paul Knitter on the theology of religions and Christology developed in the mid-nineties on the basis of his 1985 seminal book No Other Name? Dr Aleaz thinks that because Knitter still admits the possibility of a confrontation between the values espoused by various religions and calls God?s revelation in Christ ?necessary,? he does not qualify as an authentic ?pluralist.? He makes his own the critiques of Knitter?s view by S.J. Samarth, R. Panikkar and J. Hick, and insists that the points of reference for a true theology of religions and the new Christology underlying it must emerge from dialogue itself not from a pre-formulated understanding of Jesus? uniqueness. These discussions are at the background of much of the theological reflection in India at the end of the decade.