AutoreHu Kung Tze Philippe
TitoloLa religiositą dei primi cinesi secondo i testi di Stanislaus Lokuang
RivistaNuova umanitą
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract The author conducts an investigation into the religiosity faith of the ancient Chinese people, through the writings of Archbishop Lokuang, a specialist in Chinese philosophy. In some of his articles, the Archbishop considers the first three Chinese books: Shang-shu (The book of documents), Shi-jing (The book of poetry), and Yi-jing (The book of changes). According to his research, these books demonstrate the presence in ancient Chinese culture of a deep and widespread religiosity. What emerges from these passages is a very clear notion that the ancient Chinese believed in one God, in a way comparable with the Christian concept of God. The result of this research could be useful in achieving the aims set out in the Declaration on non-Christian Religions of the Second Vatican Council. It also serves as a bridge for dialogue with the Chinese people and shows that their ancestors were not forgotten in God's revelation.