AutoreCalleja Sßenz de Navarrete JosÚ Ignacio
TitoloEcoÚtica transcultural de los derechos humanos
Campo TematicoInterreligiositÓ e InterculturalitÓ
Parole Chiave
Abstract Transcultural ecoethics of human rights is a reflection which approaches the cultural diversity of our world from the viewpoint of moral reason. While aware of the many dangers which can waylay an ethics with pretensions to universality, the a. will defend the necessity and the possibility of tackling the complexity of human moral experience without destroying it in the name of local relativism nor colonizing it in the name of supremacist ideology. The ecojustice of human rights, from the perspective of the most poor, constitutes an indispensable reference in the critical configuration of a transcultural humanism and, in consequence, of necessary moral reason. Christian moral theology feels profoundly implicated in this transcultural apprenticeship in the community of life of all creation.