AutoreRiparelli Enrico
TitoloDalla inculturazione alla interculturalitą. I. Valori e limiti della categoria di inculturazione
RivistaStudia patavina
Campo TematicoInterculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract In the last decades the category of ?inculturation? has been influencing theological literature and the documents of the magisterium, but in an age of globalization theology must reconsider the relation between faith and culture from an intercultural point of view. Therefore, it is necessary that each theological discipline reconsiders its own contents, in order to meet the challenge of interculture. The expression ?intercultural theology? does not mean the creation of a new discipline, but that each theological branch is willing to be permeated and oriented by an intercultural perspective. This study is divided into two parts and tries to face this challenge.