AutoreDal Ferro Giuseppe
TitoloIl valore dei testi sacri ebraici per i cristiani
RivistaStudi ecumenici (+ Quaderni)
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą
Parole Chiave
Abstract Scholars see in the sacred books of religions a great cultural patrimony ? a response to the fundamental questions of existence. For theologians these condense secular experiences of peoples from which the action of the Holy Spirit is not absent. What value do the Jewish sacred texts have for Christians? The Talmud is the basis of religious life for the believing Jew and is the context for the times of Jesus. The same history of salvation brings together two peoples in a common project of God and in a covenant that, in progressive steps, leads to Christ. One could affirm that between Christianity and Judaism there are singular convergence both in the starting points of scriptures and in the messianic and eschatological perspectives present in them.