AutoreMeza José Luis
TitoloPanikkar: un pionero de la teologia del pluralismo religioso
RivistaTheologica Xaveriana
Campo TematicoInterreligiosità
Parole Chiave
Abstract This paper seeks to illustrate the growing interest in Raimon Panikkar, a theologian and philosopher not very well known in the Latin American theological context. At a first moment, the course of his life and the stages of his thinking make evident the seriousness with which he has assumed a reflexion characterized by the permanent dialogue between Christianism, Hinduism and Buddhism, a condition that situates him as a theologian of religious pluralism. A second moment takes into account a great number of theological and religious studies that have been carried starting from his work, studies which go from the typically religious-cultural themes to the most sensible aspects of dogmatic theology. An understanding look into his being and doing becomes a novel invitation to theological work.