AutoreKwambamba Masi Jean-Pierre
TitoloLiturgia inculturata nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo
RivistaAd gentes
Campo TematicoInterreligiositą e Interculturalitą
Parole Chiave
Abstract The work for the inculturation of liturgy in Congo has had, as its most important fruit, the restructuring of the rite of Mass, which generated the ?Roman Missal for the Dioceses of Zaire?. The choice to begin from here is due to the fact that the celebration of the paschal mystery is the centre of the Church's life and for most believers it is nearly the only opportunity to draw close to the Word of God. After more than twenty years from the publication of the Missal, this initiative turns out to be still fruitful, beacause it enabled the Africans to approach the divine mysteries with their own cultural genius. One only has to see how they partecipate in the celebration of the Mass. The restructuring of the rite of Mass, beyond the vestments, the signs of veneration, the language and the hymns, has regarded the atmosphere that, according to tradition, highlights the communion with the divine and with the community of Heaven, including the ancestors who are invoked together with the saints as the beginning of the celebration. Notwithstanding the improvements that can be made, this work remains a fundamental point of reference also for the inculturation of the other sacraments. For these, as well as for the sacramentals, there are initiatives underway ? especially regarding the Unction and the pastoral care of the ill, the death, the religious profession and the ordination to presbyterate -, that, however , have not received an official recognition. But all the sphere of liturgy requires a true inculturation, so that all the life of the Christians of Congo may be permeated by the faith in Christ.